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Terry D Henderson

The last seven years I worked for EDS I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home so that I could take care of my wife who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and is totally disable.  Working from home allows me to keep her with me and out of a nursing home.  But after working in a corporate environment for almost 25 years I found myself unemployed with a severely disable wife who needs 24/7 care.  Since finding full time employment that would allow me to continue to work from home has been impossible I started working for myself doing web site design and development.

I find that old habits die hard.  Even though I currently have the Adobe Master Suite CS3 and Microsoft Expression Web software applications I still prefer to code HTML and CSS by hand whenever possible.  I have working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, Zen Cart and Word Press.  I also use Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks and can do some graphics work.

I have worked with several online hosting companies including GoDaddy.  I have worked with Webhost Manager, cPanel and FTP, and have set up and managed customer email accounts/passwords.

I also handle domain registration, transfers, renewals and DNS configuration and web hosting.

Terry, Jamie, and CainO’ are the primary contacts; in that order. Jamie is the Brain of Brains, but he likes to be behind the scenes about as much as me.

KC LA Management LLC
PO Box 821
Stockton, Mo. 65785-0821

816.309.5578 – Terry
816.824.1994 – Jamie
816.518.8804 – CainO’

KC LA International
TDH Web Design
KcIT Guy

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