Hello world!

A lot has happened since my last update…

I’ve been using the name KCLA since my former business partner Jeremy Bourland and I worked together in LA back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I/we picked KCLA because I was from KC and he was from LA, and there is a radio station in LA with the call letters KCLA. Since KCLA.com was not available, I bought KCLAI.com in the early 2000’s for I planned to incorporate; I ended up doing an LLC instead. Some of my stuff is international now, so KCLAI now stands for that.

Jeremy and I had different ideas, and so we went in different directions; but we are still friends to this day. I would partner up with him again in the future if opportunities present themselves.

My two current I.T. business partners I met in the late 2000’s. I met Terry in 2007 and I met Jamie through Terry. In the 2010’s, we all kind of got I.T. burn out; but we still work to maintain what we have. I have different things I do, and so you will find my projects here. I have links to Terry and Jamie on both this site and KCLAI, which is the corporate logos if you will. I need to go and update that site too, but not much has changed in the I.T. department. We can still assist anyone who wants or needs help, we are just not actively advertising I.T. at the moment. That being said, it’s 2022 and I do feel I am getting my mojo back; so we shall see.

If you are I.T. and want to partner up with us; we basically run a B to B, much like a multiple C corp. Check out my Farm/OffGrid project & my Aromatherapy business, which has been on the back burner since 2012 and am relaunching in 2023.

Thanx, CainO’

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Carmen

    Is your community going to open back up? I’ve been searching for a place to create and inspire. I want away from modern life! This has been a dream of mine for years. Experienced in animal husbandry. Building, minor repairs on housing. I have dabbled it a lot!

    1. CainO Post author

      I am no longer doing the sustainable community. It is said that 90% of sustainable communities fail, and now I know why. I am now just doing things solo. If someone was to buy or rent land, a house, or apartment near by; we can maybe still work together… but I am not doing anymore live ins. Everything from now on will be B to B. You have your thing, I have mine; and we work together on mutual projects. That’s how I have my IT business, and it works. So that’s how I am doing everything else from now on. Thank you for your interest, maybe my new option may still be an option for you.

      Hope this finds you well. CainO’


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