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I typically use this link for most of my needs Anti Virus Protection


But if this doesn’t work, you can use Guru Aid; like I had to do. I was in Atlanta, Ga. about 900mi from home when I was infected with Adware 🙁 and looked into Kaspersky since they are known for being the best. Through looking into doing Kaspersky, I found Guru Aid who is Tech Support for Kaspersky and Microsoft according to my understanding. Now Guru Aid is by far not cheap! It should be cheaper I think; but if you ad it up and spend money on all the different Anti Virus, Adware, Spyware, Registry Cleaners and so forth… it all comes out to be about the same really. So until I find someone better, I will refer people to Guru Aid and I will be looking to get an affiliate link to their services so I can make some of my money back. For emergency purposes or you travel and are away from your regular I.T. guy, I would highly suggest it! Use the free programs to protect your computer and have these guys as your back up tech support. Or, upgrade all those programs to paid programs, viruses are getting too complicated even for me these days and I use to be the one people would call to come to their rescue back in the XP/98 days.

Also a note to remember. NEVER run more then one Anti-Virus program at the some time on your PC. Make sure you only have one Anti-Virus program on your computer, then run MalwarebytesAd-Aware and the C-Cleaners… but only one Anti-virus or it will cause more problems then it will fix.

You can always contact my business partner Jamie for support and questions
at – Hope this finds you well, CainO’

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