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James “Jamie” Smith – Technical Lead


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Qualifications/Skills Summary

  • Computer Programming Languages:

    JAVA (J2EE – including networking, beans and Swing), ASP (VBScript), XML/XSL, T-SQL, C, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix/Linux Shell Scripts (csh, ksh, bash, sh), SQR, CGI (PERL,C), BASIC, PHP, Oracle Forms, Xerox Forms, Assembler (Motorola 68hc11). Additional languages and details listed below.

  • Databases:

    Oracle 7.3-11.1, Oracle XE, LDAP, ACCESS, MySQL, SQL Server 6.5-2005, foxpro, R:BASE, ODBC.

  • Operating Systems:

    Windows (3.x, 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, NT Server, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server), UNIX (SGI, HP, DEC, BSD), Linux (CENTOS [what I run, personally], Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE, Slackware, Knoppix, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc), DOS, Apple OS 8,9,10-10.8).

  • Development Applications/Frameworks:

    TOAD, SQLNavigator, Oracle SQLDeveloper, NavCat, Oracle Application Express, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, OC4J/BC4J, Oracle UIX, Oracle IFS, Oracle Portal, JDeveloper, Visual Studio, FrontPage, Apache, Tomcat-Jakarta, Dreamweaver, VI.

Early Employment years

  • While still in school, he created online surveys for the school of education using a Microsoft stack. It was the first of it’s kind in the nation and was published.
  • After graduation he worked with a Microsoft Solutions Provider for a couple years in Columbia, MO. He created eCommerce websites for a multitude of clients all using a Microsoft stack.

Silicon Valley

  • He was snatched up by Oracle Corporation Headquarters in Silicon Valley. He worked there for about 8 years. At first was writing java, pl/sql, etc for oracle applications. Used Java/Oracle/Linux/Solaris mainly.
  • He was also in charge of a group of 5 developers in India to help with miscellaneous maintenance issues.
  • He was then chosen to be part of an applications research team that developed bleeding edge applications. Most of these applications went nowhere but a couple applications did make it to be released. One is now called “Application Express”.
  • Being one of the few experts on that application, he was recruited to do some work for Oracle Sales using that application.

Back home to Kansas City

  • Once back in Kansas City area, he continued to work for Oracle remotely for another year to finish up a large project that he was involved with.
  • He was then recruited by local publishing company to take care of all of their databases and related applications. This was on a Oracle/Linux stack mainly, but also included a Microsoft stack and interactions between the two. Worked there for a couple more years.
  • He was recruited for a side job at a major company in the KC area to fix the Oracle code written by an outsourced group. This project took over 4000 lines of code, previously written, and reduced it to less than 100 lines fully commented that was solid and worked perfectly without errors.

Contributions to Open Source/support community

  • He released, with source code, a Jukebox program among others written solely in java to the world via CNET (download.com) all the way back in the late 1990’s.
  • Within the Oracle Network (open to the world), he posted code snippets and such, to fix problems other developers could not figure out. This was mainly in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Code snippets and small applications have been posted over and over through the years on bulletin boards pertaining to needs of developers or advanced users.
  • Posted, on his own website, tips and snippets to fix problems or help windows and linux users.
  • All code written for websites are readily available to help out others with their websites.

Jamie’s Resume in case you want to see it
or contact him at jawsmith@kcitguy.com

Terry, Jamie, and CainO’ are the primary contacts; in that order. Jamie is the Brain of Brains, but he likes to be behind the scenes about as much as me.

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