I know… what the heck is a SKigerian?!? Basically; it is a Spanish goat, Kiko and Nigerian Dwarf cross.

Since my DD&D project was a bust and basically bleed out money, I decided to go in this direction. I found a goat trader and I am basically going in the direction he wants me to go, for he will be buying and selling most all my goats. Like Vital Farms has a contract with the Amish/Menenites, I have a verbal agreement with him. I am not exclusive, so I can buy and sell to or from anyone; but I most likely wont. I might sell to individuals on the side, but that’s about it. I will redirect most people to him

Kelby Howerton (870) 654-3201

He mostly deals in meat goats. So anything smaller; I will probably eat, or bread with the Nigerians for milk. Now I don’t milk them, so I will be selling them as milk goats. Kelby may sell milk goats for me; otherwise, I will have them listed on my site.