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Hello, I have been wanting to get off the grid sort of speak since High School in like 1993. My Science and Social Studies project that year was designing an Environmental and self sufficient house. I was currently in Building and Trades and  studied Architecture classes. I studied all the elements and used my families cabin in the Ozarks as the prototype for my layout and design. I got and A Plus for my project; my 1st wife and I wanted to make the project a reality, but that never happened. Now after my divorce in 2012 from the third one, I have moved out to the woods in Missouri to fallow that long lost dream.

Getting off the grid may mean many different things to many different people. Most people think it means, living like the Amish; and for some people it does. For others; it just means not being dependent on the system, producing your own food, utilities and sustainability. I have friends on both sides, but more on the sustainability side where I am. This site is designed to help those like us, find mates like us; to live and grow together.

Anyone who signs up now, before we go to a pay site; will be grandfathered in for FREE for the life of this site. Soon I will be rebuilding this site with the domain name “” (unless you like OffGridDating better) and when I move you all over to the new site, you will be locked in for FREE for life or as long as possible. If we have to move again to a new platform in the future; I will try and honor that, but I cannot make any promises. So go and tell everyone you know to come sign up while it is FREE and lock in the great price of $0.00 for as long as we are here at this Spruz platform.

I don’t know what happened to Prepper Dating or Survivalist Singles; I was advertising for them here, but now they are both gone. off-gridders are not necessarily Preppers, nor Survivalists; but we can be one or the other or both or all of the above. Since the other two are gone, I guess I am the only one left; for now. Be sure to let me know if another one surfaces, so that we (they and I) can link up to better network for you our members (:

Thank you so much, CainO’
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