Originally I joined into P&LC (Parties & Land Contract) for a number of reasons, that turned out to be a scam and so I am pulling all my funds and moving them to our new project DD&D (David, David & David) under the care of David-Ray of the Harriott Family. (2015)

2022: The too was a bust, so I am regrouping and rebranding yet again. I still own 10% in that other land for that other project, if someone wanted to assist me in buying out the other owners, we can try again on the Sustainable community project. I gave up on that, because my former business partner was basically a worthless eater and so was all the people who came to the farmstay/workstay. I got tired of bleeding out financially and having to most all the work to boot.

If I do it again… it will be with a business partner who will put up both financially and physically; or help hire others to do the more physical stuff we may not want to do, don’t have time to do, or don’t know how to do.

Currently, I am just going in the way of goats. You can see what I am doing there at

I will also be growing and selling, what they call “wildcrafting”. You can learn more about that at

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