Been Hurt Too Much?

The idea for these sites started with a friend of a friend in 2015. We were in a conversation and she said that there wasn’t any decent men in our area, course she had just met us. But she went on the say, “There needs to be a site called over 40 & scared of women because I’ve been hurt too much. So I went and bought the domain. lol

You might could say I fit that description. I later morphed that idea into just “Been Hurt Too Much” so that it would not be gender specific. So the site was designed to be a support site for us who are either damaged or on the verge of being such, to reach out and help each other tread through recovery and work towards the light. Learn how not to be hurt too much and not loose the faith that there is someone good “Somewhere Out There”.


People wander why I am developing trust issues???

I have been used, abused, stabbed in the back, cheated on, kicked while I was down, and spit on by women most of my life. Where do all the good girls go, to Hide Away???

I had my story here, but removed it. I’ll just keep it brief.

Since my 1st marriage, I have had three total; relationships have not been easy. Non of them are you might add, and I would agree.

Why is it; that if you believe and trust a woman who lies to you, it’s your fault for being an idiot. But; if you don’t believe or trust her, you are an ass hole… ?

We all have had hard relationships, or most of us have. The key is, where do we go from here?

I cannot remember when I discovered the MGTOW community, but it was some time after my ex’s secret affair in 2012. I have been on the brink of MGTOW since.

In 2017, I had one of the worst experiences in relationships I can remember. Brief and yet traumatizing. I have not dated since. Now as of 2019, I don’t see myself entering into another long term commuted relationship ever again; even though I still long for one. I have slowly been noticing issues and wondering what the solutions where for years. I am now also thinking about going back to school and furthering my education in psychology, now that I am about done with child support; to maybe help resolve some of these issues.

The Been Hurt too much website never took off…

Around 2010, I had bought two sites; Girls for Gender Equality & Girls for Gender Equity. At the time, I thought they were the same thing. Around that time, I also started my path as a freedom fighter. I had been learning about, fighting against and educating others on socialism, communism and the increase in the Size, the Cost, the extend of the Reach And the Power of a terroristic tyrannical government.

Growing up, I thought Feminism was a good thing. I believed the lies and was raised in a way that would make a feminist proud. Later to be damaged by it. I never realized till recently that feminism is just another Nio Nazi doctrine to control and ultimately destroy us. It may not of started out that way, but that’s certainly the way it is now. Men and women join this movement like they do any other just cause that they believe in; like the police force, medical field, military, politics and the like. Later to discover, (if they ever figure it out), that it is not what they signed up for.

The communists have infiltrated just about everything. Long of the short, in 2019 I am now launching two sites. Girls for Gender Equality & Guys for Gender Equality. I myself am not a trailblazer in this field, but an advocate. So these will be index sites to promote those trailblazers and hopefully help to wake people up. Been Hurt Too Much was to be gender neutral, and hopefully we can do the same with these two as well. They are separate, but yet the same.

If it weren’t for the MGTOW community, I may not of found these people. First I found Karen Straughan; then though her, I found others. So these websites are designed to hopefully help be a shortcut for you. MGTOW isn’t as bad as feminism, yet. But it will be, once the communists infiltrate it like they did the women movement. Their idea is to keep us going against one another;red, yellow, black, white, male, female, LGBTQ+ Poly, Christian, Jews, Muslim, Atheist, and the list goes on and on…

! United we stand, divided we fall !
It’s time to “Walk Away




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