Manor-Motel has been one of my best and longest Sponsors. If you are ever in Joliet, Illinois, be sure to check them out. It is a really nice hotel, ran by a really nice couple from India. The Manor-Motel was one of my first sponsors for – Later; after getting too much grief from customers, we agreed that sponsoring DatingByTheSigns would work best for them. They believe in and and endorse both sites, but TruckerDate is too much for some people to handle. I guess some people think that all truckers are only looking for Lot Lizards and hookups, there is no way we could possibly be looking for love. The Manor-Motel owner was the exception, he saw in TruckerDate what I did, a wonderful possibility. Only his customers just could not see the vision like we did. I will more then likely always endorse anything Silveri promotes, because he to me seems to be an honorable man!

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