The KC LA International team has over 45 years of combined experience in the IT fields. Our experience includes but is not limited to web development, web hosting, social network integration’s, HTML, c++, CS3, Java, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, XML, ASPX, ZenCart, cPanel, Fantastico and much more… like the assessment of and the applications of strategies and tactics necessary to achieve business objectives. We also are experienced in communications with lenders and consumers, and finding solutions that meet the expectations of both.
Terry, Jamie, and CainO’ are the primary contacts; in that order. Jamie is the Brain of Brains, but he likes to be behind the scenes about as much as me.

KC LA Management LLC
PO Box 821
Stockton, Mo. 65785-0821

816.309.5578 – Terry
816.824.1994 – Jamie
816.518.8804 – CainO’

KC LA International
TDH Web Design
KcIT Guy

3 thoughts on “Partners

  1. John Joghems

    To Caino,

    I saw your name on DS-forum.
    I purchased a DS-license also and I’m preparing to start a local datingsite for niche market.
    I would like your emailaddress to have contact.
    PS On DS-forum my nickname is LittleBit

    Best regards,
    The Netherlands


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