Advertising: I had three other trucking sites, and they did OK; but TruckerDate is my main gig. Now TruckerDate has a classifieds section, so anyone (most anyone) can go and advertise there. Right now it is under construction, so to get in on the ground floor, go to Trucker(s) to sign up.

We also will have an affiliate program on the new site, so make sure you sign up for that and make some money off of advertising for us! If you are one of my copycat competitors and it’s not quite working out for you, maybe the affiliate program will work for you too. Just redirect your domain name to your affiliate like with us and you’re done. Kick back, advertise and make money while we do all the work.

The affiliate program will be rewording! It is better to have a thousand of you advertising for me, then me trying to the work of a thousand people. So I am willing to pay it forward! Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! (:


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